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Replica TZ front wheel,axle,brake lever,cables, cable splitter, brake torque arms. US$1740

Brake and clutch lever assemblies $75 each, choose brake or clutch, adjusters are not slotted

Choke Lever assembly $90

TZ700 750 Throttle assembly $145

Fuel valve $170

Front brake lever set of 4. $160

Front brake lever return spring $11 ea, choose Left or Right

Repair kit for worn camshaft holes, 4 camshafts and 4 bushings. $200 set of 4

Front brake adjusting rods $14 each

Front Brake Clevis $15 each choose Left or Righthand thread

Front brake cable holder on brake plate $14

Front brake shoe spring $12 each

Brake/clutch lever adjuster spring clip $6 each

front brake cable splitter cast not billet, $50

Clevis pin 6mm $4 each

Front brake inlet screen $24 each

Front Brake (rear) blanking plate $13 each

TZ curved brake torque arm $ 15 each

TZ complete brake lever/cable assembly $240

TZ Rear Hub/Brake assembly, no sprocket TD also available US$590